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Brothers in Arms

So, I decided to give flash-fan-fiction a try, and I think it turned out pretty well. This is a Hobbit fanfic with Fili and Kili. Read at your own risk! Feels and spoilers ahead! (Kinda…)

So, I’m REALLY sorry about this, but I found this picture recently on deviantArt: 


It’s by this wonderful artist: Brilcrist. When I saw it (and the description) I immediately felt like this was the send-off that Jackson needed to give this brotherly duo. It almost begs for a fanfic in its own rights! It’s so gorgeously depressing! 

So, I took it upon myself to write up a very short story to go with this touching picture. Again, read at your own risk, as I started crying as well while writing. And again, I’m sorry. 

Brothers in Arms

“Kili…” The name of his brother whispered from Fili’s lips as he dragged himself towards Kili.

He had seen Thorin fall by Bolg’s hand as he and Kili had rushed to his aid. Kili had been the first one struck, but still he fought on like Durin the Deathless from legend. Fili had shouted Kili’s name when the arrow hit, but Kili’s vigor and strength were not impeded.

Fili had felt a sharp pain in his back as he was struck by another volley, rendering his left arm useless. He turned to see another arrow protruding from Kili’s middle, but still they both defended Thorin. He heard both of their names being screamed in the midst of battle, but the King Under the Mountain was more important to them than their own safety. Fili knew they had always been the reckless type.

Another attack, and a sharper pain this time. Fili was knocked to his knees as he took a second to look down noticing that the arrow was all the way through him. Another sharp pain and Fili winced. Looking over, he noticed that Kili was on his back with four arrows through him.

Fili fell forward, turning to see if Thorin was alright. He heard a giant roar and a massive body lifted Thorin, taking him into Erebor.

“Kili…” The name escaped again as Fili pulled himself up to his brother.

“Fi… li…” Kili breathed shallowly, “Uncle…”

“He is safe, brother.” Fili moved a strand of Kili’s wet hair from his cold face. “Beorn carried him to the Mountain.”

Kili grinned weakly. “We… did it,” he breathed out.

“Yes, brother,” Fili laid his forehead on Kili’s, “we did it.”

There was a long pause before Kili drew in another breath, “Fili… you hurt?”

Fili’s eyes filled with tears, “Not anymore, Kili. Are you?”

“Painful…” Kili closed his eyes as a tear ran down into his hair.

“I know, little brother,” Fili stretched to wipe away blood coming from Kili’s mouth, “but it will be over soon.” He breathed deeply, “We will go to the Great Halls of Durin. We will see father again.”  

Kili’s dark eyes looked up at Fili, “Scared… you?”

Fili chuckled softly, his breathing becoming labored, “A little… But we’re fighters, brother.”

“Yeah… fighters…” Kili coughed wetly, his breathing quickened.

“Kili… don’t go… not yet.” Fili held his brother’s head.

There was another long pause, and then, “Honourable death…” Kili’s breathing was becoming short and soft.

“Yes… honourable…” Fili closed his eyes and listened his brother’s breathing, hoping to Durin that death would take them at the same time.

His breath had become so quiet that Fili was afraid his brother had passed without him, “Kili…?”

There was no answer.

“Kili!” Fili pulled himself closer to his little brother.

A shallow, wet breath came from Kili, “Together… brother?”

Fili leaned onto his brother again, smiling crookedly as a tear escaped, “Together, little brother.”

The turning battle fell away from Fili’s hearing and sight. All that remained was himself and Kili, brothers in arms.

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